Interview with Gewaltakustik (Anatoli Daudrich) by Nullklever '07

Nullklever: Hi from Russia! Power noise movement!
Gewaltakustik: Hi back to my home country. ;-)
Nullklever: You're from Russia? Cool! Are you Russian?
Gewaltakustik: Half Russian, half German. I'm from Siberia.
Nullklever: And when you were in Russia last time?
Gewaltakustik: 1993. I was twenty when we moved to Germany.
Nullklever: In what city you lived in Russia? Why you have left?
Gewaltakustik: In Belovo, Kemerovskaya oblast'. We've moved from Russia because my father is German. I was 12 years old and I had nothing to do with it. But I feel that I'm German for now.
Nullklever: How are you old now?
Gewaltakustik: 26.
Nullklever: Do you remember something from the Russian language?
Gewaltakustik: Sure, but not very much… It's hard to write.
Nullklever: Would you like to visit Russia again? What kind of representation do you have for Russia?
Gewaltakustik: In order to speak honestly, no. I left this life behind me. The only thing that I miss, is the weather. I miss the plenty of snow. But there is nothing more to draw me there.

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